Restaurant And Kitchen Supplies

commercial kitchenStarting a restaurant takes a great deal of efforts, time, money, resources and considerations. Purchasing kitchen equipment and bar supplies requires high upfront costs depending on the type of restaurant you want to set or the diversity of cooking you are willing to venture into. You will need to sit down with your head chef for a reasonable use of the start-up money. We don’t want you getting stranded before the business is even on its feet. Choosing quality and long lasting equipment would be the best option since they won’t falter when your business is getting off the ground.

Ovens and ranges come in various models and designs in the market. You will need to look at your kitchen space before purchasing an oven. You wouldn’t want an oversized oven that will occupy all your kitchen space leaving none for other essential kitchen equipment. It is advisable that you purchase both the standard and convection ovens and a combination of the two depending on the size of space left out for the oven. Char broilers, burners and a stove top space for a griddle also need to be taken into consideration but will depend on the restaurant’s overall mission and menu theme. Moreover, during the purchase of the ovens, a steam table should not be omitted in the list. It is essential for holding hot food that awaits delivery.

Pots and pans come second most important on the list. Quality cookware is a factor that requires acute consideration, especially when looking for durability. You can buy stockpots from four to twenty-quart capacity along with a range of sauté and sauce pan sizes. Pans and pots are equated to work horses in your kitchen hence buying the best qualities will definitely serve you for longer periods. You will also save money in the long run. Depending on your hotel’s diversity, you may need either a two or four inch hotel pan or both, an addition of baking sheets and loaf pans, braziers, steamers, woks, pasta cookers and cast iron cookware. With that settled you are free to jump into the next listing.

kitchen utensilsU may not move forward with the absence of utensils and small wares. They may seem of little significance, but you cannot prepare anything without the utensils. Bowls for mixing, cutlery, spatulas, food scales, whisks, long handled spoons, graters, zesters, juicers and peelers eventually fall into this category. Bus tubs, cutting boards, salad spinners, food storage containers and commercial can openers are part of the larger prep equipment. With this handled, you can sigh with an acclamation of half of the work done.